Announcing: Lifelinker - our Life Counter App!

Howzit Patrons?!

We have something exciting and important to announce - we have created a brand new life counter app for Commander called LIFELINKER! You can see the app in action on the newest episode of Game Knights with the Professor and Melissa DeTora.

The app is absolutely free to download! You can find it on the Apple and Android stores right now. There is a one time 99 cent purchase to fully unlock every feature, including name customization, dice roller, match history, and colored backgrounds. However!

We are providing the FULL app unlock FREE TO OUR PATRONS as a thank you for supporting the show, so please, do not make any purchases through the app when you download it. The unlock will also give you access to the Command Zone background logo!

To unlock the full version of the app, visit this link to verify your Patron status:

You might notice there are a ton of other awesome creator logos in the app to attain - the best way to find out how is by contacting those creators individually and find out how they’re going to be handing out their exclusive codes. Will you be the first to unlock every single one? Gotta collect em all! :D

So head on over to your App Store and look up “Lifelinker”! Please tweet or email or comment to let us know your thoughts, and if you like it, share it with others on your social medias!

We hope you enjoy the app, and as always, we truly appreciate all of your support.


Jimmy & Josh

(Lifelinker was Developed by Danny Vink . Tested by Josh Kim, Josh Lee Kwai, and Jimmy Wong)