Announcing: Commissioning Cuddle Pile Art & Lowering Goal for THAT Drawer!
Some exciting news! 

Remember us saying last month we were working on some exciting partnerships? Well... Hella Gay Games has signed a contract to help curate a queer gaming showcase later this year!  

Details coming soon but there's some related news we wanted to share with our Patreons right away: We are going to invest the money earned from this engagement in taking Cuddle Pile to publication! 

For you, our most loyal supporters, this means two things: 

  • We're going to mark our next Cuddle Pile funding goal as complete. We will start commissioning art soon and will send out expressions of interest next week! 
  • We are going to lower the funding goal for releasing the THAT Drawer prototype to $100. That means we're only $22 from hitting this goal! ‎ 

Thanks for taking this journey with us to make games a little gayer. We are excited it's moving forward! 

Brit & the Hella Gay Games Team