Announcing - What We Lost In The Field | A Sci-Fi Thriller

This is my new short film project.  

“What We Lost In The Field”, is a film about isolation and bonds. The aim with this short film project is to make a Sci-Fi Thriller of top quality. I first got the idea for the film last summer, but I was not able to crack the story until earlier in March this year. A film like this is rooted in telling a big story with tightly composed cinematography. It is anchored by only two actors and what we can’t see beyond the frame. If I were to compare it to another film tonally, I would say the atmosphere of “Soylent Green” and how that film dealt with the factors of uncomfortability and uncertainty. Logistically, I would compare it to “Close Encounters of The Third Kind” for the way it uses large spaces while focusing on the experiences of the people in those spaces.  A big component of the film is it's sound design. Everything you hear will add insight to how the characters are feeling. Oh yeah and the lead character is a woman!

With your support I can make this film a reality and hopefully scare you a little bit. Haha!

In the meantime, please enjoy this little soundscape I cut together!

As an alternative if you can't donate monthly you can contribute to my paypal link here.