Announcing Cooperation with Tigersan (and more news)
Some may already know who regulary visits

Tigersans DA page

, he's one of the Stars in the scene. We are now collaborating.

This means, some of his girls (or more) will get citizens of VR - Amazons.

Also I got the permission to pimp up my new girls with his muscle morphs and maps, so they'll be more defined. Sure, in the limits what a game engine can perform nowadays. 

Additional I purchased a new and better skin shader, so the definition of Tigersan girls will show better. This also gives me the opportunity to use my existing vein maps on existing girls, which I didn't apply until now, due to shader lack.

HTC Vive Support

I tried to get VR-Amazons running on the HTC Vive without having one on my side and other patrons had to test.  - This didn't work. - So I needed to throw a lot of bucks to the next Vive dealer to get a Vive here ...  now it works :-) at least in seated / standing mode like with the Oculus Rift. Maybe in later relaseses in Room Scale mode too. 

Rebuild Present Age Level

Due to performance issues I'm currently completly rebuilding Present Age level. I tried to avoid, but didn't see any other chance.

New Scifi Level

SciFi level will be part of next realease, just with one girl, not doing much, butt it'll be there,


This all above and lack of time, due the need of earning money,  threw me much behind  my schedule for the next VR-Amazons release.

As an excuse you get the above Pic of Michelle which is not published anywhere else. Yeah, not even on Tigersans site ;-)

Additional, all  patrons get  - two more unique -  renders of Michelle by Tigersan, who will be the first Tigersan girl living in VR-Amazons. 



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