Announcing: A Year of Magic!
I have been a practicing Pagan for over twenty years now.  And over the course of those two decades, a lot has changed, both in my own practice, in the Pagan community at large, and in my personal life.  These changes have brought learning, loss, routine and to be honest, a little laziness.

The past few years, I've engaged in several large projects, involving my practice and my writing both.  I've maintained my blog for the past two years with weekly posts, and added in my projects here through Patreon last year.  Two years ago, I undertook a working with the moons, that stretched an entire year, which I wrote about every phase (all eight of them!)

This coming year, will see a lot of changes for my personal life.  My son is finishing up his last year of high school, and will be moving on to the next chapter of his life, which means hubby and I will be adjusting to it being just the two of us again.

And I am feeling called to re-focus on my own path.  Life definitely has a way of sneaking up on you, and I am not that great with keeping myself on track without a lot of help.  Over the past couple of years, I've become more skilled at personal productivity and tracking tools, using calendars to not only plan but also remind myself to execute my plans.

This is the one thing I have always struggled with in my personal practice:  observing sacred timing.  I have built up a daily practice, but haven't been able to regularly observe the larger celebrations and cyclical moments.  It has always been something I intended to do, but I get caught up in the day-to-day things and the next thing I know, one of the Sabbats has come and gone, and I'm playing catch-up.

So this  year, I am making a concerted effort...with much calendar build a practice that works with my life instead of letting life lead me around by the ear and just trying to make do when I can. 

What does this mean?  It means I will be working with the moons, planning my smaller mundane workings to be in tune with the cycles of the moon and the different full moons.  It means I will be planning ahead, for Sabbat observances, and setting aside time to do ritual, even when I am busy.  It means I will be digging deeper into my personal daily practices, fine tuning them and seeing what needs adjusted.

And I am inviting you along!  I will be sharing some monthly observations publicly, but everything else will be for Patrons only.  All of my Patrons!  So one dollar a month will get you access to all my posts about my Year of Magic.

I will be posting with the moon phases, sharing my thoughts and processes along the way.  I will be explaining what I am doing, and why, and I invite everyone who is coming along with me to share their own thoughts, reactions and questions!  I love talking, and will be encouraging conversations about any and all topics that come up on this journey.

I will be sharing my larger rituals as well, which may include chants or spoken bits, or if I am going a bit more off the cuff, I'll share the spirit of what I did in circle.

As an example, I wrote about my Yule ritual, which you can read here:  This will be the type of post that will be available to Patrons in the coming year!

I will be doing regular divination spreads, and I will share those as well!  I intend to continue doing a larger spread each month (which will probably be each moon cycle next year), as well as a smaller single card or three card draw for the week.  

So, that's my plan!  And my offer, to invite you to come along.  Join me in my Year of Magic!  

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