In case any of you were wondering, this was the comic that I almost lost.  I was literally at the end... done... when all of a sudden my Wacom went to blue screen. It's never happeed before.

"No problem!" I thought, "I've been saving progress all day!  I'll just reboot and load it back up!"

But the file was corrupted.  It didn't matter that I had been saving all day.  About 5 hours of work up in smoke.

Luckily,  as some of you know from watching my videos, I draw the elements of each strip in a different file and copy/paste them into the main strip.  The character file, at least, hadn't been corrupted. I was able to piece the comic together, which took about an hour.

Now that I've had this major scare, I'm gonna back everything up.  Every month I back it all up to an external HD.  I also use Carbonite.  And I sometimes put stuff on DropBox or Google Drive.

Anyway, here it is!... "Anonymous"

Wait... could it be that Anonymous knew I was drawing a parody of them and crashed my computer?