Anonymous Q&A #1
Anonymous Q&A is going to be a feature available to all subscribers. I frequently get asked health and wellness related questions from folks through either social media or in my daily life. In this feature I will be posting some of those questions (anonymously) and my answer to them. 

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I started getting these weird episodes where I forget where I am or what I am doing for about a minute after they happen. I was wondering if you had any good coping mechanisms for this specific type of situation, especially around reorienting oneself with one's surroundings and relieving anxiety / preventing panic attacks from starting based on the situation. 
Thanks! - Anonymous


First off, if you haven't talked to your doctor about this I would highly recommend doing so, these type of episodes can be warning signs for other more serious health issues. If you have talked to your doctor and they have no answers for you then here is what I have:
I get this type of thing a lot. I try to take a minute to just sit and reorient myself and do some deep breathing with eucalyptus oil (can be grounding and help wake the brain up a bit). I also keep some sort of protein snack with me which can help to balance out blood sugar levels and ground you body a bit. 
If it's really bad I keep an emergency contact on my phone of someone who has agreed to be my support when this happens, I can call them and tell them what happened and we talk through it. Sometimes just having that voice on the line of someone who is supporting you can make recovery so much easier and take the anxiety away. 
Preventing episodes like this can be different for everyone depending on what health issues they have. Generally though I would suggest maintaining a probiotic routine because digestive health can effect your brain chemistry, limiting caffeine and sugar because the crash can increase this type of episode, keep hydrated with about 65 oz of water daily and make sure to get plenty of sleep. 
Hope this helps! xoxo - Mona