Another Attempt
I got two images done that I had been working on and have been trying to get my latest attempts at Avera done. Her face had gone very wrong while combining different faces together on Daz Studio 3D. 

Anway, here is a fun one I worked on the other day as I didn't get a pic of my new Avera mess yet. The creature needs more work but is quite fun.

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The Catnip Treat is actually my FREE Award.

This tier is supposed to be $1 per creation; however, I DON'T CHARGE THIS TIER. 

I wanted to have a free award for those who want to be there for me, keep me company and help me get my mind going.

Your presence and support of my endeavors is appreciated more than you can guess.

You will have access to:

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  • You get to yell at me to get my rump in gear.

Plus, I thank you for all of your help as well as supporting my adventures in artistic endeavors.

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