Another Attempt, Another failure
Last night (Sunday) saw the first race of the new series using Project Cars hosted on S2 forum where we are racing the Formula Rookies around some of the UK's best tracks. This was set for Oulton Park. It was set to be an awesome race and an awesome series with some very close racing and having to pit stop due to the fact there was more laps than fuel you could carry for this. However how wrong we was about this. Here's what happened.

The plan was for 10 or more of us in one lobby to meet up at 2030 BST for a 30min qualifying session then following the race which was going to be around 40 laps which would be an hours race.

The initial lobby didnt go well, before we even started any racing and we was waiting the in game chat didnt at all. We have to use in game chat because the Xbox doesnt allow more than 8 people in one party. So the decision was made to split the two lobby's in to two to combat any issues and we can have two parties so we can chat. This was going to be good however we had a no show in our party and having 4 people in one race wasn't going to be much fun or much of a race so we contacted Stella who was hosting the other lobby to express our concerns however we understand that this was becoming a limitation of the game.

Stella decided to pull us all back together in one lobby but one at a time to ensure each person was in and could drive bug so feature free before inviting the next person, very time consuming and a right pain but it worked. In case you have never experienced these bugs sometimes you can get in the lobby at all, sometimes you get in and you can't change your view so we take our time.

After time all 9 of us where in one lobby hot lapping, having good banter and fairly lag free racing. I was on form and due to the BS we had to go through to the get the lobby sorted so in the words of Lewis Hamilton's engineer it was hammer time. I got my personal best time breaking into the 1:27's which was wicked and the first time I had broke in to these times. 7 minutes left of the session and all was going well, Stella made an announcement warning us we only had 7 minutes left of the session if we wanted to get any more laps in.

This was when we had more BS from the wonders of Project Cars and a random person joined our race, not sure who they where or how and why but they joined and which point myself and Col3man8's games both crashed and we had to go back to the dashboard and that was that.

We then called it a night, well I did and the other guys tried a few random races and I had just had enough. It's so frustrating when you spend hours tuning a car and practising around a track to get the best you can out of the track and the car, we even had a few lobby's mid week for more testing and practising. It came to the real thing on the night and we was slapped in the face with this for no reason. How much more can the gaming community take of these games that are released half finished and not ready for online play and yet we still buy them. Surely the guys over at Slightly Mad Studios (SMS) need to take this more seriously and get a game in a fully working state as soon as possible. This was looking like such a promising game and now it feels like they have got there money and they knew it wasn't finished and they don't care.

Just my thoughts, opinions and a report of what happened to our first race. Have you had many issues with this?

Chat soon