Another blah monday
I'm having a slow beginning to this week... was sick with a head cold most of the weekend, my sinuses where so clogged that my ear hurt like a bugger and I ended up sleeping most of the weekend. I did manage to go through all the games that I had backed up on the system... just checked each one to see what they were like and if I wanted to keep them on the machine or not. I'll post more on Tumblr about my findings laters. 

We have another appointment on Wedesday... this time for my sweetie... just a check up at this moment... hopefully nothing serious. 

That being said I'll try to get the next page of Inside OuT finished that the least... need to figure out what else to do... more like find the drive to get other things done... feeling very tiried right now... Guess Enough rambling and get some tea and back to work with me. 

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