another day another swim at the frog pond
Today was the hottest day of the spring so far at 26C (79F) and potatoes had to jump in. What im thinking is once we get a well operational we can clean up this pond, put all the frogs into the other larger pond and scrub this one completely leaving it to be a swimming pool of sorts. But thats just a dream for now, we have many projects going on right now, kennels are to be finished in the next few weeks, we are also putting a wired fence all around the estate so that dogs in theory will have more play room for random walks. Anyway, one step at a time, big news is that i reserved a ride in a transport van for myself and Abby and we are leaving to go to Germany on 25th of april, ill be back in the Sanctuary on may 1st while Abby will stay with new her new foster mom in Augsburg.