Another End, Another Beginning
(January 2nd, 2018) Let's start with what got accomplished this month. I finally finished up the comic I started all the way back in July, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. It was a great opportunity to try some new angles and poses. This should have only taken me a week from start to finish at most, but it was a daunting project to start because it was bigger than any other art piece I have tried before so it took time to get around to. As for other things, I finished three whole videos (with a bit of progress on a fourth!). However, I wanted to go into the new year better off, so instead of uploading them this month I've saved them to release one every Monday. Hopefully having a few saved up like this will allow me to take my time and stay on top of things so I can continue to upload videos each week. That's it for new things!

I have come up with more projects to work on going forward, but too often when I put them up here I end up taking too long (ex. the comic), or failing to do it the way I set out to, so instead I'm keeping them to myself for the moment until they are close to ready. Just know I do have things planned!

Lastly, let's take a moment to look back over the year we just finished. The first half of the year started off slow, but saw the start of both my YouTube channel and my DeviantArt page, which makes it easier to share with you! Then July ramped up the work level with many videos being made and more, which continued into August as well, a good sprint of energy. Then school came back and threw a wrench into everything and it never picked back up (short of the VERY end of December, which isn't even seen until the new year!) Overall, a year of growth in what I am creating and how I am sharing it with you, but a shitty year production wise. Too many months with nothing to show.

Going into 2018 my only resolution is to have something  to share each month (and hopefully many somethings).

I hope you all have great new year, I'm excited to see where things go for us all! See you next month!