Another episode???
In this episode DM Rob *tries to pull the wool over everyone's eyes*!


*Insert favorite pajama pun here.

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Natural 20 started because 1) I needed a way to launder money from my deep web gambling website, and 2) the moments and characters from my own D&D experience are the perfect fodder for good comedy. If you are a donor at ANY level, feel free to send us your stories from your own D&D adventures and we will consider using them as the plot line in an episode (you'll be credited, of course).
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Jack Delaney – DM Rob and Creator of Natural 20, will legally change his name to Giblets. That is all. (NOTE: several prominent and high profile business leaders, celebrities, tech entrepreneurs, and foreign heads of state have already tried to donate the 200,000 then withdraw support before they're billed for it (I'm looking at you Goodluck Jonathan). If you choose this option the payment MUST GO THROUGH AT LEAST ONCE before the official name change is made)
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