Another Fb Cover
If we want people to know about Unitarian Universalism, if we want them to read our ideas and ask us questions, a good way to do that is to post about Unitarian Universalism on social media. We can only do that if there are images, web pages, and other UU content available to post and share. 

Creating that content is a big part of the I Am UU project. Curating the best content created by others, like Skinner House books or The Church of the Larger Fellowship, makes it easier for individuals to find sharable content. Creating images and posting quotes and links makes it easier for congregations to have a welcoming, interesting, and informative presence on Facebook, Twitter, or the  Web. 

We can only do all of that because our Patrons support our work. There isn't much if a market to sell it in, and the people who need it most don't even know it until they see it. That's why it is so important for us that it be freely available. 

We appreciate the folks who make that possible. If you aren't a Patron yet, please consider it. Email us with any questions or concerns. Let us know if there is something we could do differently to earn your support. Most of all, know that we believe that sharing Unitarian Universalism can make the world a better place, and we are honored that our community makes it possible for us to do so.