Another fun change to the $33 tier!
I've been feeling conflicted the past couple of months, because I've noticed an increasing distortion in the energy of one of my teachers. A teacher with whom I certified at the beginning of 2017, and who has increasingly become aggressive and a bit of a bully (both verbally and energetically). 

Because of that, I've found myself backing away from using her modality, which I had initially listed as one of the rewards for the $33 tier. It's been tying me in knots because I haven't been able to bring myself to use it. I was even putting her frequencies in some of my paintings, and have gone back to do clearing work on each of those pieces in order to dissolve any distortions from the connection to her work.

So finally I've decided to take that offering out of the tier altogether so I don't feel pressured to use a modality whose founder is playing the shame and blame game with prospective clients. I just can't get behind that; it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and feels energetically icky.

BUT I have decided that I still want to be able to offer each of you at the $33 level and above SOMETHING super personal. And I am feeling that in order for it to be truly personal, I need the freedom to be able to intuit each month what that might be! What I can guarantee is that it will be FULL of LOVE and MAGIC! <3 A gift for YOU! (OMG am I addicted to exclamations or what??)

If you signed up for the $33 tier and above and didn't receive your frequency recipe last month, this is why. AND I will make it up to you with a super special goodie this month!

So here's the copy I've added to the rewards block:

A Personalized Goodie! - Each month, I'll intuit the perfect gift for YOU. Whether that's an activation recording, a frequency recipe, an original piece of art or print or inspirational postcard or who knows! Surprises are fun! (This reward will be sent some time in the month *after* your pledge goes through.)