Another Giveaway!
We're reviewing the new DVD set STAR TREK VOYAGER the Complete Series and as part of that, we're giving away a copy of the set to a Patron!  In case you don't know, this Star trek spin-off details the adventures of Starfleet's U.S.S. Voyager, led by the mighty Captain Kathryn Janeway. 

If you'd like it, reply here, and in a week or so we'll use a random-number generator to pick a lucky winner from our Patrons and SuperFans.

I missed most of Voyager's initial run, but I caught up a few years later. I liked Voyager! Yes, some of the episodes were a little weak, (I didn't like the Kazon aliens) but there were many I enjoyed and a few I loved.

Good luck, and may Species 8472 bring you luck and bless your entry with fluidic space goodness!


EDIT! The Random Gods have chosen... it's Michael Hecht! Congrats Michael and thanks to everyone who entered!

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