Another life...
Seems like a lifetime ago, but I once contributed to a book unlike any I'd seen before: The New Masters of Flash

I was invited to write a chapter because of the Neuromuscular Junction Simulation/Animation I had developed with Flash. It was developed for Anatomy and Physiology students, and I collaboration with a Neuroscientist on the project.

At the time, I was doing mostly educational projects and was just starting to dabble with creative coding and generative art.

I work with different tools now, but I still do a lot of creative coding.  There are days when I very much miss the creative communities that this book grew out of.

This book was also how I met the amazing Nathalie Lawhead ,  Artist and Indie-Game Developer.  It took us a while to finally meet in person, but we finally did, when she came to San Francisco for GDC a couple years ago.