Another little process thing + bonus
This one is just under a minute of a weird neck dude I decided to draw. The music is once again me, a short riff I never turned into anything more.

I will do a video of me picking who gets the Batmankoff piece in a few days. Obviously, I dropped the ball on self advertising the thing, but I'm not into marketing, I don't know how it works, far as I can tell it does not. Perhaps someday I will get a button up shirt and take an online marketing for artists class and then return with some valuable tools, but most likely I will just continue to do dumb art and shrug when nobody sees it.

Hope you are all well, I am more seriously than ever looking at going to Heroes Con, I'm working on some stuff to make that a real thing (Thanks Geoff). So if you live near Charlotte and want to meet me that will be a great opportunity.  I will keep you updated on any significant developments, but the show is June 15th-17th.  If you have any advice for how to display shit or what I should even display or bring, I still have time to get stuff together. Like what actually gets you to look at shit and then furthermore what gets you to buy shit, if anything? Do you care if I'm standing or sitting, what price range makes sense for various thing? Obviously you're not the only barrel I'm fishing, but I figured I'd ask.