Another Oh Hae Young
or Another Ms. Oh. I had only watched five episodes of this Korean Drama before I started NaNoWriMo and since I finished right before Thanksgiving... I binge watched the last thirteen episodes. 

Don't judge me. If you're not a Kdrama addict... 1) you should be, it's just like watching a book 2) when you're an addict this is what you do!

It was wonderful. The characters were complicated and fleshed out and had inner turmoil. The female relationships in these dramas can be so satisfying. They may go at it for different reasons but they come full circle and work things out in the end. 

It was almost as good as Secret Garden. It's just a hair underneath it and the only reason I can come up with is that it lacked that little bit of humor. 

Secret Garden was funny. With a little more humor to balance out the drama Another Oh Hae Young would have nailed it. As is it was extended for two more episodes and spawned two behind the scene specials.

So what's next? If you have a Kdrama you'd like to recommend to me, please do!

But... I'm back to work on polishing Animal Sanctuary. I'm so excited to be going to a writing class to work on it with Lisa from The Paperback Shack! She's also starting a monthly writer's group starting January. I hope to have the first chapter up for you to preview next week.