Another Patreon Update

Hello everyone! 

This is another update about the future of this Patreon. I’ve started working on the Adventure Pamphlets, however I’ve hit a little wall. 

I’ve started to feel like I’m creating something just for this Patreon, instead of just creating something because I enjoy it. I still want to create these adventure pamphlets, but I feel like I am rushing the process a little.

So going forward, I will be focusing on my maps. Over time I will start adding descriptions and location names and building up the story behind the maps. I think this process needs to come naturally to me or else I will get burnt out.

So here is the plan!

I will be lower all the support levels and changing the Patreon to Per Map. 

I would like to post 1 map a week. At that rate the .25 level support might end up around $1 - $1.25 per month. All maps will be posted on my blog (and here), free for everyone to see. 

the support levels will look something like this.

.10 per map - big thanks!

.25 per map - process blog (this includes monster pamphlet process blog stuff too)

1.00 per map - everything above and  black and white printer friendly versions of the maps. And If i can figure it out I will give ongoing discount codes for my printed map store.

2.00 per map - everything above and map color and style variants. 

I will probably rework the Patreon site this week, but nobody will be charged until everything is completely ready and everyone has had a chance to look it all over.

If you were here for the monster pamphlets, and maps aren’t your thing, then I will completely understand if you back out. You will also get my eternal thanks for supporting me in the first place!!!! However, the support i get here is definitely still supporting the Monster Pamphlets. I am about to start on issue 6!

Thanks for all the support so far!


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