Another infighting "short"
i have been following the Michael Nugent/ Adam Lee exchange quite closely. Michael has done such a thorough job, in many ways, but the one thing really irking me is that Lee's hypocrisy is not getting called out. The same goes for all the others writing articles criticising dawkins et al for damaging atheism when any damage done (to atheist movements) is as much a result of their wilfull misportrayal of dawkins views and tweets as by the original tweets and views themselves. I would NEVER want to suggest that Dawkins ought to be beyond criticism (for fear of damaging atheist movements) but if you care about those movements as you claim then don't overplay what has been said; don't make his tweets out to be worse than they are by giving ridiculous interpretations to them; don't paraphrase what he has said with alternative sentences that mean different things entirey In other words: don't be a fucking hypocrite.
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