Another Reason For Me To Be Grateful!


This just in from ViewBug:

MarioMJPerron, Good job!
Your photo is in the top 20% most voted!
Your photo placed ahead of 386,721 submissions.

Spring Morning Fog by Mario MJ Perron

Following my passions is sometimes more rewarding than I ever imagined.

To be honest, I have fantasized of great recognition and the fortune that could come with it, but I never expected that I would be so very grateful and happy with every recognition.

Thank you, all of you for encouraging me to continue on this path of creativity.

Pursuing my passion for creativity is opening more doors than any other paths I’ve taken before and I am sold on the wisdom behind following our passions.

Thank you!

If you wish to see more of my creative pursuits, by prints or merchandise of my work or become a contributing Patron to my upcoming book on the creative process, please take action @ Arts M. Perron   AND Mario MJ Perron’s Patreon

Thank you all again!!!