Another Scary Night
Thanks to those who came out and watched me play! I finally got my last scare uploaded. (theres still more to upload) They must have changed the settings so it was a little more difficult. 

I only got one more scare scene as I finished the game this first time (I'll upload it asap).

 So I've started over! I saved Sam and Matt this time....I didnt mean to kill Mike lol. Oops.I've restarted it and I'm attempting to do the opposite of everything I did last time and see how it goes. I'm also not going with the "KILL THEM ALL" mentality like i did before lololol. 

I also just found out that I CAN in fact now save the Until Dawn broadcasts for you all! Originally sony wouldn't allow it, but evidently it works now. Hopefully next time, whoever misses me live gets to watch later on.

Thanks again for coming!