Another stray cat (spooky) update
First, I promise, we are still a reptile channel. But, we love animals and others will make it into the mix from time to time. So this little guys appetite dropped, and we made a call to the vet last night when he wouldn't even eat a salmon meal. They recommend antibiotics because the beating he took. We were going to pick them up this morning. However, this AM he had taken a turn for the worse. He didn't have the strength to really stand well, and still hadn't eaten. He also had what appeared to be blood in the urine. He did drink a bunch. So instead of getting meds, off to the vet he went. Blood test are back, and he has an extremely low platelet count. Also going jaundice. Vet thinks prior to us taking him in, he may have gotten into some rodent poison or something similar. She doesn't have high hopes for him, and recommended euthenasia. She did say vitamin K could help, but chances aren't good at this advanced stage. After a quick conference with ? Girl, it was decided to at least give a round of vitamin K a chance, since it is possible even if not likely to help. So, that is where we are. I literally just got him a collar and tag yesterday to be an official part of the family.