Another success story from the Bear Orphanage
Hello, nature loving friends! We bring good news from the Rehabilitation Center for Orphan Bears. A baby bear was found relatively close from where the Orphanage is located, near the village of Vărșag, Harghita county.

 Two forest workers came across the cub and kept him for about two weeks. Probably because of fear, they contacted the forester from the area and left the cub in his care. Through coincidence, the forester was an old friend of Leonardo Bereczky, the founder of the Bear Orphanage, so Leo was called upon to the forester's house where the baby bear was kept for a short time.

It turned out that the cub is in good shape, so Leo took the cub as soon as possible to the Bear Orphanage. Now, our newest member of the bear family will be kept for a few days in a den-house, together with the other three cubs that arrived this year, so they bond and form a group which will stay together during the rehabilitation period.

We will check up on the cub next week after all of them are released into the accommodation pen and bring you news on how they get accustomed to one another.

Thank you for your support!