Another Tiny Update 4/27
Hi again, everybody. The Indiegogo is progressing well; should be up within the week. It only gets more exciting and scarier as each part comes together. Right now I'm on the pitch video, which will have a very small surprise. Things I can tell you right now: -100+ page "book-like" feature; done when it's done, to be released when it's done. -All current Patreon donors will be credited in the finished work -no print plans right now due to expense -early access tier where you get to see the pages as they're worked on, along with the usual commentary you're used to in the newsletter. Limited-number rewards: -higher reward: personalized thank-you cards like the Majide Plus cards -highEST reward: pick a game in Tokyo you'd like to see get the Kawaiikochan treatment: get your own (minimum) two pages in a "Tama-ge" (the Game Center CX segment) style format That's a very bare-bones version of the campaign. Look forward to it, and please leave your feedback if you've got anything to say about it! I want to hear!
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