Another Update on the GregTech Strongholds
I added more stuff to the Dungeon in order to at least compelete it enough to be actually a useful find rather than being a mess of random Loot.

The only real Features I added are Redstone emitting GT Stone Bricks, which can be crafted and also found as Lamp power source in my Strongholds and that Magnifying Glasses can now be used on Bookshelves to get more Info without having to grab the Item out of the Shelf. Everything else is the Stronghold.

I am going to pause on that thing though (only minor additions to it), I know people want actually functional Features, but they only got Deco and Worldgen recently, so next update will be different.

But now for the new Rooms:

Surface Entrance, it does what its name Suggests, it makes the Stronghold visible to the Surface and therefore easier to find and access. (that one will always be generated)

Barracks, because people needed to sleep back then aswell. (this one is the other Room that will always be generated)

Corridor improvements to have better Roofs and also a chance for Chests at T-Crossings.

End Portal Room, a Room with a Functioning 2x2 End Portal. This one does NOT always generate! (but there will only be one of it, if it does)

And as always, thank you all for helping me out in these days, and lets hope britain will go well after that catastrophe.

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