Another weekly update with UI improvements
* Separate pages for listing complete puzzles and active puzzles

* The full puzzle page view now hides the header and footer

I've changed it to allow players to see all the puzzles, but redoing puzzles require 'dots'.  Players have always been earning dots for each piece that they've joined; I just haven't been showing that.  

The other nice improvement to the UI involves hiding the header and footer when viewing the puzzle in it's maximize mode.  Sadly, this mode sometimes fails for devices that don't have a lot of memory.  The default mode is still the unscaled version which most players just use their browser scaling to view the puzzles.

Lastly, I've removed recently complete puzzles from showing in the list views.  They would show on the homepage before, but I'd didn't really like that as it wasn't really useful.

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Patrons Only
$1 or more per creation 2 patrons
You get a Discord "Supporter" role assigned.  You can also request guest access to view the issues in the private GitLab code repository.
Includes Discord rewards
Purveyor of Bribes
$5 or more per creation 1 patron
Show your support for the further development of Puzzle Massive with this 'donation'.  Oh, did you have a suggestion?  I'm listening.  ;)
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Super Special Sponsor
$20 or more per creation 0 patrons
You may pick a jigsaw puzzle, or suggest a new one, that will show a custom sponsored by message.  It'll be listed under the new sponsored puzzles category.
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Wannabe Business Partner
$100 or more per creation 0 of 13 patrons
Well, maybe.  You must really like Puzzle Massive.  I'll create some business cards for you so you can feel more offical. Your name will be listed on the footer of the site as a "Business Partner".  :)
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