Another Year.
I’ve been hibernating the past couple days. Thinking deep thoughts, recovering, regrouping. Planning. Scheming.

Another year is done. 2017 was an awful lot to deal with, but the big things I take away from it are this:

  • I survived.
  • It was the first year where I made a living almost solely as a professional artist.

Look for more detailed musings on 2017 soon, but in the meantime, I have some Very Important People to thank: Cristina Weir, Jewel Staite, Shamil Meghji, Kat Gracie, Antonio Santa Cruz Polanco, Jenny Seymour, Jeremy Ball, Gary Hayden, Scott Graham & Lyndsey Locke, Alison Tedford & Paul Erwin, Amber Mac, Chris Nowlin, Andrea Mason, Laura Whaley, Tim Schneider, Meghan Kilner, George Smeltzer & Lori Kittelberg, Kyle Reid, Bill Taylor & Katherine Prairie, Phil Partridge, Chris Dion, Annie Friesen, Stephanie Coleridge, Catherine Pritchett, Erin Kyle, Jeff Hornby, Adé Win, Charlie Wood, Samantha Gilmour, Krista Lee, Jackie Donnelly, Vanessa Vizi, Paula French, Chad Horwedel, Wesley David Scott, Holly Morrison, Sandra Currie, Jessi Sensabaugh, Chris Williams, Lori Campbell, Cris Thorne, Paula McCloskey, Liam Greenlaw, Brendan Moran, Chrissy Watson, Rayna Corner, Kathrin Riach, Rolo Kipp, Cazzy Lewchuk, Keith Callbeck, Shayla Maddox, Stu Hunter,  Crissy Arseneau .

(Soundtrack: Guns N’ Roses - “Out ta Get Me”)