Answers to Your Questions (Part One)
Here are some answers to your questions from my social media accounts for Tudors Dynasty.

I apologize in advance because I was not able to get around to all of them without this being an hour long. If your question was not answered here, please be patient and I assure you I'll get to it.

Also, the answers to these questions are of my opinion. Being that I do not know EVERYTHING about each person in the Tudor era I did my best to answer the questions with the knowledge I have. 

I look forward to your feedback!



A special thanks to the following people because with their support I am able to put in more time researching, writing, recording and editing my podcasts: 

Peggy Peck, Kim, Lynn Jepson, James Van Raden, Rachael Conture Dales, Lacy Woodrow, Cynthia Young Russell, Lisa A. Nelson, Stacie Olson, Nora Conley, Wendy Allen, Carol J. Daniels, Dale C. Rice, Heather Teysko, Cheryl Theisen, Mary Trudeau, Nichole Theis and Tanya Ruff.


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