Anther update!
Hey guys! So I've got a few news for you and jut some general updates.

1st - I am almost finished with this month's giveaway, I've only got to finish the banners/icons, so I might have to send the giveaways out tomorrow night instead of tonight (as I've said before this is a hectic month for me so I apologize for anything that might be a tad late)

And 2nd - I have discussed this with some of my $20+ members and decided to make my mentoring pack $20 permanently from this month onward! I will still have the $25 one which will include the promotions and custom banners, but I will be removing the $30 once everyone switches off of that one.

I also want to welcome the new members and some of the old ones that have returned, thank you all so much!! 

+ My Thursday tutorial should be up at some point later tonight, and the livestream on Saturday will start sometime in the afternoon, I will tell you the exact time tomorrow most likely!