Hey my Patreonids, I'll make this quick (but not dirty). I've been neck-deep in caring for my Mum since her surgery. She's well and with each day she gets stronger, but it's carved a giant block out of my schedule, like I expected it would. That's turning around, now that Mum's getting more independent. Let me catch you up on my plans. 1. the first Secret Squirrel Stream will happen in June, probably mid-June. I'll announce a date a good week in advance. 2. I now have an author's page on Amazon. One more step in the slow crawl towards a full-fledged business presence online has been taken: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B004LR5WGK 3. this one's the biggest of the three, so it's appropriate I saved it for last. I'll be teaching a month-long digital painting and world-building class for the Gage Academy of Art and the Georgetown Atelier. I am super-excited about this workshop. I've wanted to teach something like it for five years. If all goes well this class will lead to an even more robust world-building workshop next year. Information on the class can be found here : http://www.gageacademy.org/program/concept-art-world-design-digital-painting-full-session-waters/ The tutorials and demos I plan to use for the course are going to be built around content from Walking the Glass. I'll be working on my class material right here. Thank you all for your support. Every time I get a new Patron I have to remind myself it's because you believe in the dream I'm chasing. You believe in me. That is very humbling.
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