Anti-Freedom not Anti-Fascist!!!
Episode 874   The American anti-fascist movement in America is not what it seems.  First thing you need to have in order to be anti-fascist are fascist to be anti against.  Some estimates of the white, Neo-Nazi, KKK movement in America are around 10,000 or less (mostly less).  So if that the case who and what are Antifa fighting?

 Some folks who support big government are still made that the Democrats didn't take the White house in the 2016 presidential elections.  So they have thrown every accusation they could lay their hands to at president Trump.  Nothing has caught any traction with reasonable thinking Americans, and the Antifa attacks are just the latest.  Most of the arguments the anti-freedom folks level at freedom loving Americans have a so called moral component to them.  But the morality of the anti-freedom crowd is a fake and phony morality that is geared towards winning hearts and minds.  It'd not working!!!

 Antifa is for big collectivist government, which suppress freedom and liberty of those it opposes!!!  To call their movement noble because they are fighting a non-existent enemy, with force mind you, flies in the face of those who fought for freedom throughout America's history!!!