Anti transphobia action. (a response to the incident in Speakers’ corner)
Recently there was an incident in the UK where trans exclusionary radical feminists (known from this point forward as TERFs)  were holding an event to have talks. The event welcomes known fascist TERFs Miranda Yardley, Dr Julia Long and Venice Allan. 

Trans activists showed up to protest the event at  Speakers’ Corner, one of the TERFs by the name of Maria MacLachlan started trying to film the trans activists for the purposes of intelligence gathering and doxxing, as they are well known to do.

The trans activists in question attempted to shield themselves from the cameras with signs, and then Maria aggressed the activists attempting to push past said signs. One of the activists retaliated and attempted to push the camera away. Maria then put that activists in a headlock in an attempt to choke and possibly kill her. 

The activists then rightly engaged in community defense and engaged Maria until she let the other trans activist go.

Then the foolish cisgender gay community of course sided with the TERFs and denounced the activists. Stonewall UK even attempted the same "both sides" argument that fascist Donald Trump used when speaking about charlottesville and antifa. 

TERFs are known to use the same propaganda techniques as the alt-right and will even work with them and other fascists to attack transgender rights.

Therefore it is imperative that their movement be labeled as the fascists that they are. 

TERFism is a form of fascism, their goal is the genocide and utter elimination of transgender people, specifically transgender women.

They violently enforce the colonial gender binary thats a key component to white supremacy.

They often find one of two trans women or POC to use as tokens to cover for the fact that they are a white supremacist movement.

Make no mistake they do not seek equality of gender, they seek a fascist matriarchy and will seek and attain levers of power to attack and kill transgender women.

They must be resisted like any other fascist. They must be stopped by any means necessary. 

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