By: Renato Castro Pasion, Jr. 
(Makati, Philippines – February 4, 2016)

I eagerly await the coming day
When I finally get to see your face
Patiently counting the hours away
Preparing myself to be amazed

It’s a little over three weeks ago
When I said “Hi” to you online
But little did I know
You’d actually blow my mind

What began as mere curiosity
Became a wondrous revelation
Just how much similarity
Can you share with one person?

Each exchange became longer
And more interesting than the last
That time, thirst, and hunger
Became relics of the past

You said you can’t do this anymore
You have to focus on work and study
So I had to console my soul
With the notes you left for me

I know it sounds so corny
And to me an on-going rant
But why would the heart listen intently
When it’s dead-set on what it wants

So as the day slowly approaches
The pressure builds to a fever-pitch
My heart pounds loud and merciless
And it takes harder and harder to breathe 

I fell and found True Love once
With a beautiful, intelligent, loving woman
I married this wonderful creature of substance
Until the Lord took her home to heaven

Can you be another blessing in line?
In whose warm glow, I can bask?
A second True Love in one lifetime
Is all a man could ask.