Any input on the Patreon itself?
Hey guys, I'm wondering if you guys have any comments, questions, etc. about or ideas for the Patreon.

As far as changes that I've already done go... I went ahead and added a $60 milestone for new title purchases (since people always ask me when I'll be reviewing [insert brand new or unreleased game here]) and some extra stuff in the main page text. Just to reiterate: all funds from the Patreon go directly into the channel in some regard, whether it be a hardware purchase, a new title for reviewing/LP'ing/etc., something to cover on the tabletop show, etc.

If you're wondering about the lack of a profile picture, that'll happen as soon as the artist who's been doing my score cards can get it done. He's been having all sorts of problems lately so patience is the key word on that. As soon as I have anything you'll see it.