Any Suggestions on New Names for the FriarWade pages?
I'm going to be separating out the FriarWade page into two or more channels (pages or groups). One will be for the Morning Prayer LIVE #Prayercasts , the other will be for the 1 min. Inspiration and Motivation VLOGS, and the third one will be for the Homilies, Teachings, Podcasts (which I hope to start soon).
I would like your input & feedback.
Here's your opportunity to share how the Morning Prayercasts have served you.
1) Do you try and listen to them LIVE?
2) Do you listen to them later?
3) Would a better time be better for you?
4) Any suggestions or recommendations?
5) Should I create new pages or new groups?
I was thinking of calling them:
Morning Prayercast with FriarWade
A FriarWade 1 min. Inspirational Vlog
what do you think?
I'm open to suggestions!