Aoao Video to Picture Converter
When it comes to M.U.G.E.N tools, you can create as many images using this tool and use it on your Fighter Factory 3 for stages, game over and/or credits or even use for your characters. HOWEVER, these extracted images are not Indexed palettes but in RGB format meaning that I have to use photoshop to convert every image. Creating animated images even for credits takes about at least 3 days to be completed and not to mention some testing.

I gave it a shot but the output while using the TRIAL version will always leave a watermark.

I have no choice to buy the software and it is coming out of PayPal payment and not my main balance.

I am expected to create the credits roll very soon as the Arcade Versus and character edits are in progress.

This link  is where you download it for free or purchase it.