ap art concentration #1
my concentration was revolved around the idea of a mentally ill person not getting better and slowly deteriorating into something unlike themselves. they deal with abusive relationships, abusive family, self harm, disassociating, and more. including a list of mental health issues that are evident to each piece. the person does not get better or receive proper help, mainly a result of the family not caring and them being too uneducated to find proper help. other the course of these 12 pieces i will go into what the piece means, what i was thinking when i created it, and my experience with the issue i included in this concentration. almost all of the pieces are from experience, but they are not completely based off my own life.  as the series progresses, i will explain the color theory used and why i did certain things the way i did. i hope you enjoy this idea as much as i enjoyed creating it. this piece was originally titled : sinks. it is the first one i created for the series and reflects on many nights i have had dealing with depression and anxiety silently on my own when i was younger. i like to think the bathroom is the most private place in one's house, more private than their own bedroom - which is why i chose a bathroom scene for this piece.