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Today’s interview comes at a particularly poignant time in our lives here in our home. My daughter is turning four very soon and we’ve been having a lot of discussion around princess parties and Cinderella dresses that she wants. As a trained play therapist,a mother, a woman and a feminist, it irks me greatly. I’ve had to really kerb my response and let my daughter explore this idea of girl’s being defined by their appearance.

It’s something I’ve openly admitted I struggle with a lot as a parent. On the day Bowie died, I watched a lot of old videos and was fascinated by my daughter’s reaction to this beautiful man in makeup and a costume. It led to one of my more popular blog posts in which I admit I may have made pink a forbidden fruit in my determination not to present gendered toys to her. It’s an idea that’s constantly evolving for me so I invited James and Ros on from The Gender Diary to help me unpick that a little. 

Listening back to edit this,I really love when Ros admits that she didn’t like being at home and things work much better now she’s out of the home 5 days a week and James is at home. James and Ros show an honesty about their limitations as parents that refreshing anda little bit of a relief if I’m honest. When thinking about issues and topics to discuss in the family, I was very determined to find guests who could discuss them in a way that felt human and achievable so none of us listening would feel bad about ourselves.

Today’s conversation is meant to be an open conversation that I hope you will find interesting and reflect on. Please do let us know your reaction as it’s a fascinating topic.

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