Ape Escape Remix - Specter's Theme!
Hey guys! It's been a little while since any music's surfaced on the channel, but I've been busy drawing again and changing stuff around! You may have noticed the new character I created, but it's actually the true form of Nitroglitch! You'll be seeing a new series with him in the future... More info soon... ;)

I also did a new logo, but that's not super important right now! APE ESCAPE! I freaking love that game, and Specter's Theme is one of my favorite boss themes, EVER! It's pretty simple, but it's also badass, and it brings back so many memories of my early PS1 days! Also, do you like this chiprock recreation style of remixes? I can do these more often, but I have decided to continue with dubstep/electro, just not as frequently!

Thanks for watching/listening! I hope you enjoy it! Later! :D