Apocalypse Now - The Worlds of Summer Lane
At a glance, you'd never guess the demure smile, soft voice and kind eyes that belong to Summer Lane, would be the genuius behind a series of military apocolypse novels.  

"When people discover I'm an author, they automatically expect that I write romance." - Summer Lane

The cliche' that she would immediately be stereotyped is not suprising, yet, Summer Lane is as far from stereotypical as you can get. Sure she's a girly girl. Yes, she's a lady, soft-spoken but she is a woman who craves the adventures of a post apocolyptic world. Worlds she had turned into a successful book series and afforded her a life as a fulltime author. 

On Monday, December 26, Blitzers will have an opportunity to tune in and hear an exclusive interview with Summer herself, in her own words about how she took her love of adventure stories and turned it into a professional living. 

Tom Slick sits down with Summer and talks about, books, writing styles, dogs, cooking, and of course her path of creating a successful journey of writing 14 novels, in less than three years.  You won't want to miss our interview this Monday December 26, at 11:30amPST right after The Morning Brew with Tom Slick.

In the Meantime, Summer has her newest release, "Unbreakable Seal" for sale for Christmas. Visit her official website:


From there you can connect with Summer and learn all about her most recent release and her other amazing book series as well.

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