an apology, and a rain check 🌧️🥀

this really isn't the way i wanted to start september off, but i've got to be honest: the monthly reward for my august patrons will be coming in late. i don't want to promise an ETA, so i will say that rewards will be sent out sometime in september, and no later. 

i think this is the first time in the 5 or so years i've been running this shindig that i've had a no-show on rewards like this... the only excuse i can give is that i simply didn't notice the passage of time, because of a lot of illness i was going through in august. i am still working through this as of writing this post. 

i am sorry, and i thank you so much for your patience and continued support. at the very least, i will have a new WIP to show for the $1+ patrons which will be posted shortly. 

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