Apparently Parents (11/7/2016)
The neat thing about having children is that we are constantly all  learning together. When we travel to a new place, our history fanatic,  Katherine will look up the history and information of the towns we  visit. When we took a trip to Camp Stevens and Astoria, Oregon. We  discovered not only beautiful territory, but also the filming area of  the movie “Free Willy”; the bombing site of a Wold War II era attack, a  monumental agreement between Japan and the US; and saw the Pacific Ocean  for the first time. We learned about Lewis and Clark, their across  country journey, the trail they forged. We saw the remnants of the first  American Fish Cannery in Oregon. Also, the founder of Astoria Oregon,  John Astor, was from the East, founded Astoria and was named for him.

Adding  up the miles is also tallying up the history our children understand.  From exploring the mountain side in Colorado at Mount Shevano, to  building sand castles next to the Pacific, our children are becoming  well traveled, cultured and hands-on educated. The first hand look at  our history enables our children to grasp the knowledge for much longer  than memorized content from a textbook. It’s history come-alive for  them.

Together we’ve seen wide  stretching valleys, explored terrain, hiked mountains, played in the  snow, experienced different climate conditions, watched bugs and other  critters, counted birds, and studied the histories of the regions we’ve  visited and lived. We’ve read about the railroad, the constructing of  the first roads, and the history of the ports. We’ve read about sailing,  fishing, cargo ships, and submarines. We make education a huge part of  our lives. Katherine loves to enter a new town, explore the internet  content and teach the rest of us all about the new location.

When  we were travelling from Mississippi to Colorado and then again from  Colorado to Washington and Oregon, we studied the Trail of Tears, the  First Nation’s tribes, the ancestors of this land. We learned about  discrimination they faced from the white intruders and settlers. We  taught them about the wars of the country, the wars that brought  together the United States. Although they are young and we will probably  have to go over the content again once they’re older, they will have  these rich memories to accompany their learning. They will have these  photographs to look back on and be able to be filled with the history,  instead of just filled with the words on a page.

Katherine  and I are readers, learners, students of not just books, schools and  teachers, but of life, travelling and exploring! We want our children to  grow up filled with a lifetime of rich experiences and a joy for  learning about new people, places and ways of life. We want ourselves  and our children to be well-rounded, non-judgmental, understanding  individuals. People that offer their friendship and solidarity to the  weak and oppressed. People that have an understanding of what life is  like for more than just one type of lifestyle. We want our children to  be globally conscious, not live in a suburban bubble unaware of what  life is like for countless others.

We  want our children to be strong, to be independent, to be helpers. We  wish for them a firm understanding of the world around them. How will  they know, if we don’t show them? Katherine and I both from a young age  wanted to see the world. I used to fantasize about working for National  Geographic, travelling the world and being a photo-journalist, sending  in my trip articles and photographs. Although, this isn’t the same exact  dream I have now, I am putting my travel stories and pictures together  now.

Someone recently asked us how  do the kids feel about travelling? Well, I’ve asked them several times.  We believe in honesty with our children when we discuss our lives with  them. Jayden says she loves travelling around, she says a home was too  boring but wouldn’t mind it again but wants lots of vacations. Our  youngest doesn’t remember living in a home and so doesn’t have it to  compare to and would like to experience it. I hope to be able to give  that to them soon.

We have been  living in the Portland area for right at a year. I enjoyed the short  lived call center job I had but Portland seems to have housing crisis  and a tough job market. I’ve attempted disability yet again, stayed on  top of the disability “homework”, doctor appointments and the entire lot  of doctor appointments, yet every hoop I jumped through for them wasn’t  enough. We’ve been on the affordable housing lists, the shelter waiting  lists and have kept up to date on our 2-1-1 entries for shelter. There  hasn’t been any form of shelter for us come available.

We  love to travel, obviously. However, we also want a firm foundation for  our children. We don’t want to be in this situation, we were forced into  this situation. We’ve accepted it for what it is and have been making  the best of it as we can. We love our children more than life and want a  good life for them. Which is why I’ve branched out in my writing. I  began this blog to share my ideas, share my experiences and hopefully  encourage someone to keep being diligent.

Although  our dreams didn’t turn out exactly as we had hoped we are still making  them come true, one way or another, one day at a time!