Apple Blossom Time (edited singing & piano)
I sing Apple Blossom Time while playing on the piano. I edited this version to make the song better. Though l don't not sound professional, I like the heartfelt feeling my rendition of this song brings and wish some "professional" sang this song with the feeling it deserves. Thus far, my own performance of this song is my favorite rendition of it. This song should not be played in honky tonk style and that's all you hear online.

If a professional opera singer sang this against an orchestra background but in a soft pops style, it would be gorgeous! This is a perfect project for the Boston Pops Orchestra with a singer. I wonder if this song has been butchered because it's the theme song to my novel Silver Skies. I have damage to my voice from my yeast infection, but I have never lost my ability to feel my music.

This song would also be excellent as a piece for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and would be great in a soft pops operatic chorale style. I can't stand the honky tonk versions I hear online. It RUINS this song! The feelings of the song are so deep, committed and beautiful - NOT HONKY TONK and are reminiscent of a time when lovers believed in commitment and devotion.