Apprentice - Starter Pack

First time in town and against all odds you somehow managed to find your way to the secret Dungeon Architecture academy.

There's plenty to learn and even more to do, but your first step as an apprentice with a randomly generated dungeon in your hands is to properly place the entrance to such a masterpiece.

If you succeed in running your dungeon, make sure to come back and you will receive additional tools as you graduate from Apprentice to Planner, from there to Designer until you finally become a renowned Dungeon Architect!


You can download doorways to place on top of your dungeon from the attachments. If you like what you can do with DunGen, take a look at the tier levels for some awesome perks.

I'm always happy to see your creations, so it'd be amazing of you to tag me @DungeonChannel and #DunGen on Twitter if you post about it!


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