April $10 Rewards are...
... a Best-of Collection!  

I didn't get enough good photos at Tekko to put together a good pack this month, so I thought, why not send out some of my best work to my awesome supporters instead of rushing to get another shoot done?

This will include images from my Aiko Yumi (Huniepop), Catherine, Zero Escape sets and more!!  So if that sounds exciting to you, be sure to up your pledge before the end of this month!  All funds are going towards serger repair ( ;~; I MISS IT SO MUCH) and Magilou's!

And for $3.50 & up, be sure to check out my secret progress gallery for Magilou's school uniform! It's progressing quite nicely, and I'm trying to update at least once a week !

May rewards will be the debut of Magilou's school uniform! MAGIKAZAM!

Photo by J. Jones with editing by Feytaline & E. Baskin Design