The Angels join me weekly to share guidance and bring clarity and positivity to the lives of those who wish their lives to improve whilst following a spiritual lifepath. By what we choose to take on board and infuse our lives with becomes a reality once you truly wish it to be so.  By following lightworkers who share their light (such as myself) you will improve any situation just by meditating on a regular basis on what you want to happen.  

This all sounds a bit airy fairy to anyone who doesn't believe in miracles happening but its a fact that Mother Nature is a miracle in herself.  I have just started working and communicating with Mother Nature who is a very loving and nurturing power who wants the best for us. I have been channelling with her recently and will be sharing what she has to say in my articles and writings ...to come later in the year. For now I have only to say that I do believe a better future is out there for anyone who chooses to make it that way for themself.

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Love Light Laughter to You All

Christine Snowdon


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