April 18: Search feature and Sponsorship

Looking for Sponsorship

If you are a Premium user you don't see any ads on Thread Reader but for the other it has some little banner here and there. It allows me to pay for a few useful services I'm using to run Thread Reader.

Great! But I'm tired of those ads. I'm going to look for a sponsorship that would pay every month and get some exposure in exchange.

Rest assured that they will not have access to the bot and in anyway access to either user data — #DeleteFacebook anyone? — Also: code is law, so the bot will continue to unroll whatever it is asked to. No control over it will be allowed.

I only want to remove the ugly ads and put a sponsoring mention like: "Thread Reader is sponsored by YOUR BRAND AND LINK HERE"
It is about 1.5 million pageviews and 2500 clicks per month.

Price starts at 1500$/month, contact me by email at hello @ threadreaderapp.com if you are interested!

March metrics

I was quite worried in the beginning of the month because trafic projections were not good, but in the end we have about 15% growth, not too bad. Let's see next month.

Please continue to share unrolled Threads to your favorite social networks, and don't forget Reddit!


The big new feature of March is the availability to search through the full base of threads! I even changed the homepage to reflect this because it is hard to have a homepage that present content which makes sense for everyone, so if you are looking for something: give it a try and search!

It is very fast and efficient as today there is 37,488 Threads!

Premium users have access to advanced search features. With advanced search feature you can sort result by relevance or by date. You can also search in a specific language and also have access to Advanced Query syntax. More info https://threadreaderapp.com/help#search 


I am very happy to have you as a Patreon user. This month we passed the $100 cap (it's a start) and if you continue like that we may pass the $300 next month?

Enjoy Thread Reader!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post