April 2015 Patreon supported
Thank you so much for the support this month!
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
New Moon
$1 or more per month
  • Access to a patron only area where I post WIPs and sketches of my art that I don’t show anywhere else.
  •  Get patreon exclusive wallpapers and vote on the themes of future wallpapers! 
  • Added to my patrons page on my website and stream channel.
  • Vote on the subject of streams/videos.
  • Warm Azuli hugs ♥
Crescent Moon
$3 or more per month
  • A collection of lineart and coloring pages to color.*
  •  Early access to public tutorials and videos. 
  • Access to Patron discord.
  • Get a tiny sketch of yourself/choice after your first month as a patron. (1 time only.)
  • +previous tiers

(*May be posted online or printed as long as appropriate credit is given. For personal use only.)

Gibbous Moon
$5 or more per month
  • Psuedo-Sub button. Get immunity from spam filters and get link posting in stream.*
  • Patron exclusive tutorials and step by steps.
  • Process videos will be available to this tier when the goal is reached.
  • +previous tiers
  • *I will need your Twitch/Beam handles to be able to add you to my regulars list for my bots.
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